Ramco Computer has been recovering data from all manner of crashed, damaged, or dead hard drives. If it's still in there, then more times than not we can get it out. We work on all platforms, OS's and software from Windows Desktops and Laptops to Macs, crashed RAID arrays, and even NAS drives.
  • Complete Hard drive data recovery services
    (3.5" 2.5",SATA, IDE,SCSI, & RAID Arrays)
  • Lacie, FLASH and all Removable drives
  • Obsolete Hardware & Software
  • All Mac, Windows, Linux, formats
  • Software and Hardware crashes as well as the infamous "Bricked" Seagate drives
Whether that hard drive is formatted in MAC OSX, NTFS, Linux, or FAT16, FAT32, we have the experience to find and recover your data. We have successfully recovered data from flash drives, old tape units, CDROMs, ZIP disks and Floppies. Recovered DATA can be stored on external Hard drives, DVD or CDROM, and Flash disk formats.

Hundreds of Successful LAPTOP DATA Recoveries
  If we cannot recover your data, there will be no service charge!

Ramco is a full service repair center with over a decade of experience and a long list of satisfied customers.
(List of well known New York clients available upon request.)

Store Hours: M-F 10AM to 8PM, Sat 11a-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

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